Purchasing real estate is a significant occurrence in an individual’s or family’s life which affects both their lifestyle and their financial situation.

At Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage, our Sales Representatives do not view such a purchase as an individual transaction. Rather, we view it with the scope of a string of transactions over a purchaser’s timeline of buying real estate and owning property. There is accountability for our purchasers’ end decisions resulting in a protective approach to buying and long term superior results for our clients.

We are always mindful of the impact that our buyers’ decisions will have on the options available to them in the future.

Through a comprehensive array of services, our buyers experience discreet, conscientious attention as they search for their perfect property. Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage will confidently lead the pursuit for the ideal property in a meaningful, personalized, and accessible manner.

Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage employs a consultative approach to all of our business. This ensures a partnership of involvement and commitment. Decision making remains the responsibility of our clients, but only after consultation, researching of options, analyzing different solutions and the presentation of these findings to the client.

The buying experience involves a series of activities specifically designed to empower the buyer with the information required to make educated real estate decisions that will maximize our buyers’ lifestyle benefit from their purchase. Activities include:

  • Seven Phase Purchasing Process
  • Purchaser Profile Development
  • Inspection of Properties
  • Market Research and Statistical Analysis
  • Beyond the Acquisition Supportive Services

When the time comes to make a purchase decision, it is expected that our buyers have become more selective about the property characteristics they require and educated about which properties do not fit their needs.

Understanding what properties and or property dynamics do not fit their needs can be, in many instances, more important than developing an ideal profile of what their home should include. This methodology ensures confidence during the final purchase decision period.

Contact an Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage Realtor  to learn more about how we can help you with your real estate purchases.


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