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35+ Years of Success in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

Avenue Realty Team was founded in 1987 by Emily B. Fusco, Team Leader. Emily’s dedication and commitment to the real estate sector, superior level of professionalism, personalized service, and business acumen are ingrained throughout Avenue Realty. Today, the agency is pushed forward by Christopher Fusco, the leadership team, and support associates.

Avenue Realty’s focus is real estate services to the communities of Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, and Whitchurch-Stouffville.

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Consultative Approach

The consultative approach means achieving a partnership of involvement and commitment. We begin this partnership by seeking an in-depth understanding of our client’s needs and wants. Based on the information we receive, our consultative approach will:

  • Ensure our clients receive professional, diligent and courteous service.
  • Allow our team to communicate an effective plan of action to achieve their goals.
  • Provide an opportunity for our clients to leverage our expertise to make educated real estate decisions.

Mission Statement

Avenue Realty aims to reshape the public’s perception of the real estate industry in the communities in which we operate.

Our efforts are especially focused on exceeding expectations in the following ways:

  • Customer expectations of the industry
  • Brokerage expectations of Sales Representatives
  • Sales Representatives’ expectations of the Brokerage
  • Sales Representatives’ expectations of themselves

In-Depth Market Knowledge

Our 35+ years of experience have given us unparalleled expertise in the markets we serve. We provide:

  • Analysis of the suitability and sustainability of a given area
  • Recommendations based on historical analysis of an area
  • Analysis of the market trends as they relate to the client’s overall real estate portfolio
  • Research on areas targeted by the client


We strive to always provide our clients with the information that will empower them to make educated real estate decisions and achieve their ultimate lifestyle goals.


At the root of accomplishing our mission statement are the following values:


Avenue Realty and its clients are self-empowered to think, take action, and control their decision-making processes, leading to mutual success.


We expect each member of our brokerage to display positive moral characteristics defined by integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness.


We maintain an ongoing acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility to ensure our clients are never let down.

Mutual Respect

We strive to develop a sense of mutual appreciation and respect in the relationships between our realtors and clients.


Thorough communication is one of the building blocks of Avenue Realty, ensuring that both clients and sales representatives are always set up for success.

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Leadership Team

Emily B. Fusco

Emily’s professional objective of providing optimum personalized service resulted in the launching of Avenue Realty Team. in 1987. It was with Emily that Avenue Realty’s core fibres were woven. She continues to influence every transaction, new sales representative, and associate daily.

Before launching Avenue Realty, Emily held a senior-level marketing position with a major international firm and founded and operated an importing and consulting company. Through these experiences, she nurtured her ability to assess any situation and develop unique strategies to effectively problem solve.

Emily B. Fusco


High-energy, proactive, and take-charge are attributes that shine through all of Christopher’s relationships and interactions. With seven years of management consulting, a Master’s in Business Administration, and 15+ years in the real estate industry, he provides leadership and ongoing guidance for the members of Avenue Realty. His never-ending quest to continually develop and improve the support systems of Avenue Realty is felt throughout the brokerage.

Christopher Fusco


Christopher Fusco

Support Team

All of our sales representatives have a strong support system behind them. This means that every client, whether buying or selling, can be confident that all of their objectives will be understood and well-executed.

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