Each property deserves unique attention and a custom marketing strategy. Regardless of whether your home falls into the “cookie cutter” category or “custom build”, it is imperative to take a distinct approach to marketing your home to ensure that:

  1. Your property gains the attention of buyers
  2. Your property sells before its competition
  3. Your property sells for the highest possible value

Marketing your home can generically be broken down into the following phases:

Phase One – Knowing Where to Find the Buyer

  • Buyers’ demographics can be vastly different for two home at the same price in the same Town.  It is crucial to know where your buyer will be coming from and what their lifestyle and demographics are
  • Once this is determined, then you can proceed to Phase Two and start planning the marketing strategy

Phase Two – Pre-Launch Preparations

  • Almost all homes exude the lifestyle of their existing owners:
    • An objective eye is required to catch the eye of the next owner
    • A strong support system is necessary to take you from thinking of selling to ready for showings
    • A realistic approach is required that does not necessarily require a complete home makeover, but one that highlights the home’s strengths
    • Understanding the elements of value to properly position the home on the market

Phase Three – Initial Promotional Property Launch

  • Uploading your home onto the Multiple Listing Service is not the corner stone of a marketing plan.  An effective approach involves:
    • Multiple marketing mediums for distribution
    • Targeted marketing mediums
    • Push and pull strategies

Phase Four – Ongoing Maintenance Program

  • Accountability and ownership of the marketing process are the cornerstones to ensuring a home receives the appropriate attention over the duration of its time on the market.
    • An Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage Realtor will be involved on a daily basis
    • We will analyze information relative to who is showing your home and determine how the market is responding to your home
    • Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage is totally accountable to our sellers regarding how their property is being marketed


Contact Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage Realtor to learn more about Avenue Realty Inc., Brokerage’s marketing techniques