Purchase Price*


Down Payment*



Mortgage Amount


Loan-to-Value Ratio


Mortgage Insurance Premium


Total Provincial Sales Tax


1) CMHC is Canada’s premier provider of mortgage insurance. Genworth is the only private sector provider of mortgage insurance in Canada.

2) All mortgages through a financial institution that have less than 80% or less must be insured by law. This is to protect the lender if the borrower were to default.

3) Provincial Sales Tax (8%) is payable on the premium and is due at the time of closing. The actual premium may be rolled into the mortgage amount. The PST may not.

4) No insurance is available on properties $1,000,000+. Therefore a minimum of 20% down payment is required.

5) CMHC no longer insures second (2nd) homes such as cottages. However, Genworth does.

6) Please note that the premium has not been rolled into this mortgage amount – this is merely to calculate the loan-to-value ratio.


Loan to value ratio
Standard Premium
(applied against mortgage amount)
Up to and including 80%
Up to and including 85%
Up to and including 90%
Up to and including 95%

The above premiums represent standard premiums and may increase under certain circumstances.