Selling A Property

Each property deserves unique attention and a custom marketing strategy. Regardless of whether your home falls into the “cookie cutter” category or “custom build,” it is imperative to take a distinct approach to marketing your home to ensure that your property gains the attention of buyers and sells for the highest possible value.

Marketing your home can generally be broken down into the following phases:

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Knowing Where to Find the Buyer

Buyers’ demographics can be vastly different for two homes at the same price in the same town.  It is crucial to know where your buyer will be coming from and their lifestyle and demographics.

Phase One

Phase Two

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Pre-Launch Preparations

While you don’t need to do an entire home makeover, it’s important to highlight your home’s strengths in a way that catches the eye of prospective buyers.
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Initial Promotional Property Launch

Uploading your home onto the Multiple Listing Service is not enough. A comprehensive marketing strategy that includes multiple, targeted mediums and strategies will help set you apart.

Phase Three

Phase Four

On-going Marketing

Ongoing Maintenance Program

Accountability and ownership of the marketing process are the cornerstones to ensuring a home receives the appropriate attention over the duration of its time on the market. One of our realtors will be involved on a daily basis to analyze information that will help you make any adjustments needed to get the best possible price for your home

Home Renovations

Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for “Move in Ready” homes – and your property can easily be one of them! Studies and statistics show that quality home improvements pay for themselves when an offer is on the table. When a seller is renovating in order to sell, the changes must be acceptable to the majority of potential buyers for that home and they must also reflect current market trends. An Avenue Realty sales representative can help you determine who the potential buyer is, and what changes will suit the potential buyers of the home.
Home Renovation
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The Importance of Home Staging

Our staging process maximizes the selling features of the property and creates opportunities for prospective buyers to emotionally connect with the home. The homeowner, Realtor and Certified Staging Professional (CSP) work closely as a team to ensure that all items are addressed.


When making any transaction, real estate or otherwise, we all need professionals who meet their obligations. All members of our team not only account for their activities but ultimately take responsibility for them. Where accountability prevails, positive outcomes are ensured. At Avenue Realty, our sales representatives provide:

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